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Empower Your Body and Mind
for Peak Performance

Perform at Your Highest Level

“There is a scientifically proven, safe, natural way to rewire your body’s baseline stress response and optimize your health and performance.”
dr. leah lagos
Empower Your Body and Mind


The pressure of sports, business, and life are rigorous and ongoing. Peak performers have to cope with all sorts of distractions, pressures, and unexpected changes in addition to training for the performance itself. Managing anxiety and being able to let go of negative thoughts, recover quickly from setbacks, and flexibly pivot to a high-performance state even during uncertainty requires mental as well as physiological dexterity. When you train your mind and body to react without fear or doubt and to stay in an internal state of homeostasis, you increase your ability to perform at your top level of aptitude.

How It Works


Re-training the heart and mind can bring up sensitive conversations that require trust and confidentiality. Dr. Lagos is known for her empathic nature and her close relationships with clients that require highly collaborative work. She will uniquely sculpt a training program that is based on your specific needs and will meet you exactly where you are to ensure that each session is tailored to meet your aims and objectives.

The Initial Meeting

Dr. Lagos will meet with you for an initial 60-minute consultation. At the end of this meeting, she will provide recommendations to optimize your health and performance. These multi-dimensional recommendations may include referrals for outside specialists, heart rate variability biofeedback, mindfulness training, cognitive behavioral therapy, sleep re-training, and more. You and Dr. Lagos will decide together about the best way to proceed at the end of the initial meeting.

The Process

Peak performance isn’t just about mental training. It’s about aligning the mind and body to create a state where your natural abilities can consistently unfold. Dr. Lagos’ health psychology, heart rate variability biofeedback, mindfulness, sport psychology, and peak performance approaches create an integrative system for training your head and your heart so you can overcome your performance obstacles and unlock your potential.

Dr. Lagos will develop a system with you for training that’s tailored to your needs and modified based on your feedback. Through a dynamic and systematic approach, she will provide support, collaboration, and scientifically driven strategies to help you gain your edge.

Driven by Client Success

Dr. Lagos is an international thought leader in the field of peak performance and heart rate variability biofeedback. During your work with Dr. Lagos, you will experience:

  • A warm, compassionate approach that allows for dynamic conversations to unfold in an environment of trust and safety
  • Her insights from more than fifteen years of work with elite athletes, performers, and leaders in the worlds of sports, academic, medical, legal, investment, and business
  • Scientifically based strategies to optimize your health and performance that are effective and time efficient
  • Support and motivation to address your performance obstacles
  • A new and engaging perspective of training your body to empower your mind

Forms for New Clients

Prior to your first visit, please download the enclosed forms and bring the completed forms to your appointment with Dr. Lagos.

Insurance Policy

As a courtesy to clients, her office will provide a bill with all required information that can be submitted to the insurance for out-of-network reimbursement. Dr. Lagos does not accept any insurance or communicate with any insurance providers on behalf of clients. She maintains this policy to ensure that her full attention is directed to client sessions and training. 

Cancelation Policy

In order to ensure the ability to provide timely appointments, Dr. Lagos has a 24-hour cancelation policy. Any cancelations that are provided at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time will not be charged. In the event that the client does not provide notice or cancels with less than 24 hours’ notice, the full fee will be charged.

Contact Dr. Lagos’ office

  • Please know in advance that Dr. Lagos’ team only provides contracts/spots for new individuals who are interested in a minimum of 10 sessions with our practice. She offers a free 15-minute introductory call with the clinician prior to launching their work together.

    We will be reviewing applications for a new spot each quarter as our roster is currently full.

    Dr. Lagos will review applications annually to add a new spot for her roster. Dr. Lagos works on an annual retainer. If she feels you may be the right candidate for her annual spot, she will reach out to you personally and discuss her fees to work together for a year minimum at that time.

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