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Perform at Your Peak

The heart is your window to emotional control

We all have the power to control how our hearts respond to stress and the ways in which we connect, compete, and lead during challenging times as well as in everyday life.”
Dr. Leah Lagos


Heart Breath Mind:
Train Your Heart to Conquer
Stress and Achieve Success
by Dr. Leah Lagos, Psy.D.

Stress is not in your head, it’s in your body—
this is the key to peak performance

  • Do you ever wonder how to let go of your fears and achieve your life’s goals?
  • Do you aspire to lead with courage, make better decisions, turn off your busy brain and perform optimally under pressure?
  • Can you imagine what you would accomplish if you had increased focus, improved mood, better sleep, enhanced stamina and greater mental endurance?

In her book, Heart Breath Mind: Train Your Heart to Conquer Stress and Achieve Success, top performance psychologist Dr. Leah Lagos shares her groundbreaking program which has transformed people’s lives in the U.S. and around the world.


The average person takes about 20,000 breaths a day. You would think we would be pros at it by now. We’re not.

The scientifically proven 10-week Heart Breath Mind protocol includes clinically tested exercises that allow you to control your body’s physical response to stress.

This training, paired with easy-to-master cognitive-behavioral exercises, offers a safe and natural process for strengthening health and performance, enabling readers to respond more flexibly to stressful situations, let go of negative thoughts and emotions, and ultimately be more focused and confident under pressure.


Dr Leah Lagos is an extraordinary being. I’ve never known a greater empath. She feels the ripples of the human psyche with a subtlety and sensitivity that is unique in my world experience. I’ve also had the good fortune of observing up close her HRV Biofeedback training with elite mental performers. The vast majority have described the experience as some version of life changing, and I’ve been blown away by the immense performance benefits.”

Josh Waitzkin
author of The Art of Learning
8x US National Chess Champion
2x Tai Chi Push Hands World Champion
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
and real life inspiration behind the film Searching for Bobby Fisher

“This is a step-by-step owners manual for the human body.Lagos’ protocols will teach you how to use the tools that all humans can control–the mind and breath–to influence the parts of us that we usually can’t. Her holistic and data driven protocols fit athletes and laymen equally well. Now get into your body and breathe.”

Scott Carney
New York Times Bestselling author of What Doesn’t Kill Us

“Bruce Lee said that one of life’s most important lessons is mastering how to remain calm. Whether you’re a martial artist, a CEO, or a student taking a test, being able to tap into instant calm-on-demand is one of the most important life skills. If you can control your emotions and attention, you can navigate whatever happens in life with your full range of abilities. It doesn’t take years of yoga and meditation. Dr. Lagos teaches you how to tap a powerful tool anyone can use in daily life. Her techniques should be taught to every child. It’s not too late, whatever your age, to learn them now.

Adam Robinson
co-founder of the Princeton Review
New York Times Bestselling author
Global Finance Consultant

“Biofeedback teaches you the tools that you need to manage your stress response. I’ve personally seen her protocol provide life changing and lifesaving benefits for my patients.

Dennis Goodman MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine and Director of Integrative Medicine
New York University School of Medicine

“The strategies and tools I share in Heart Breath Mind are designed to guide and support you and to give you the skills to not only survive stress but to thrive and excel, despite it, in all aspects of your life.”

Benefits of Dr. Lagos’ Heart Breath Mind Training

Benefits of Dr. Lagos’ Heart Breath Mind Training
  • Tap into your personal power of resilience anytime to move from a negative to positive emotional state.
  • Cultivate courage, confidence and resilience under fire.
  • Let go of stress to perform optimally under suboptimal conditions.
  • Overcome catastrophic thoughts, relieve anxiety and make better decisions under pressure.
  • Build resonance in the body and mind, relieve trauma, reduce anxiety and prevent stress.
  • Increase energy and your ability to regulate your emotions on demand.
  • Improve sleep, reduce headaches, and strengthen your health.

Read an Excerpt of Heart Breath Mind by Dr. Leah Lagos, Psy.D.

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Heart Breath Mind Program available Apple and Android
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