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Dr. Lagos provides workshops as well as dynamic, interactive keynotes for organizations and teams.

Through her unique combination of clinical,sport and performance psychology research and experiences, Dr. Lagos helps people to think of their health and performance as an integrative and dynamic systemic that can be finely tuned and modulated for optimization.

She tailors her talks to accommodate the needs of specific audiences and her communication approach has been described as empathic, practical and personalized.

Speaking Praise

Learning how to cope with stress effectively is the key to having a happy and productive life. Using techniques she employs with elite athletes to minimize stress and to maximize focus, Leah Lagos…has developed a system that can be taught to anyone to achieve this goal. Dr. Lagos is to the universe of biofeedback what Neil deGrasse Tyson is to the teaching of popular science.”

~ Sheryl Wulkan, M.D.

Lead Physician, New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, ACSC Medical Chair, Former ABC Medical Chair, Adjunct Professor, Hofstra University


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