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Whether it’s on the field, on a stage, or in a boardroom, no matter how well prepared we may be, the pressure of performance often sabotages us when it matters most. When a challenge presents itself, will you rise to the occasion and perform at your best?”
dr. leah lagos

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Optimize your health and performance

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Health Psychology

Scientific strategies to optimize sleep, improve mood, regulate anxiety and enhance specific health conditions.
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HRV Biofeedback

This is a scientific and systematic process to build the heart and helps to improve mood, reduce anxiety, decrease muscle tension, and enhance focus.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

An integrative approach to help you address the invariable challenges that come up in life so that you can achieve your personal health and performance goals.
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Sport & Performance Psychology

Athletes, performing artists, business executives, as well as CEO’s learn evidence based techniques to enhance performance.
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Corporate Consulting

Training for executive leadership teams, hedge funds, and fortune 500 companies to optimize energy, communication, focus, resilience, objective decision-making, and responding at peak under pressure.
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