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Cities Serviced

We service all of New York, including the following cities. As well as nation wide!


New York City

Residents of New York City seeking anxiety treatment are invited to the office of Dr. Leah Lagos. Dr. Lagos is a well-respected psychologist treating patients from all walks of life both in New York and nationwide, and is board certified in biofeedback to treat anxiety and stress management. We all want to achieve optimal performance in our lives, and the help of a qualified therapist can help us leave issues such as anxiety in the past and move forward with greater self-awareness and better health. Seek counseling with Dr. Lagos as world-class athletes, politicians and others have with inspiring results.



Residents of Brooklyn seeking stress management techniques are encouraged to call Dr. Leah Lagos. Dr. Lagos is a licensed psychologist, is board certified in biofeedback therapy, and combines this practice with more traditional techniques for anxiety treatment, sport psychology services and more. Her experience and commitment have allowed her to make a valuable contribution to the lives of clients nationwide in helping them achieve optimal performance in academics, health, relationships, sports and more.


Staten Island

Though not based in Staten Island, therapist Dr. Leah Lagos has helped many local residents facilitate the changes they’ve envisioned for their lives. A licensed psychologist who is board certified in biofeedback therapy, Dr. Lagos invites you to take the first step by scheduling your initial consultation. People seek counseling and other psychology services for many reasons including stress management, anxiety treatment or to achieve optimal performance in an area of their life. Whether offering sport psychology services for competitive athletes or working with figures from the business and political worlds, Dr. Lagos is committed to coming to know you as an individual and tailoring your treatment to address your individual needs.


Long Island

Helping residents of Long Island achieve optimal performance levels in the walks of life that matter most to them is the goal of Dr. Leah Lagos. Dr. Lagos is a licensed psychologist and is board certified in biofeedback; which she melds with more traditional counseling techniques to help everyday patients change their thought processes for the better. If you need help with stress management, are seeking anxiety treatment or are looking to improve your outlook, employ her psychology services today.



Dr. Leah Lagos offers residents of The Bronx psychology services and is board certified in biofeedback therapy; which she combines with more traditional therapy techniques. Whether working with everyday patients or in her role as a provider of sport psychology services Dr. Lagos makes every counseling session unique. She offers anxiety treatment and help with stress management with a goal of helping patients achieve optimal performance in the pursuit of their individual goals and milestones. In her role as a therapist, Dr. Lagos can work with you to confront your challenges head on, change your thought processes, and move forward in a positive fashion.



Residents of Queens seeking psychological treatment can find it in the Big Apple at the offices of Dr. Leah Lagos. Dr. Lagos provides psychology services for both teams and individuals, and is one of the few sport psychology experts in the area board certified in biofeedback treatments techniques for anxiety treatment, stress management, and as a means of achieving optimal performance and personal goals. Psychological treatment and counseling are playing a larger and larger role in sports today, and Dr. Lagos has geared a large part of her psychology services in this direction. Strong mental health plays a vital role in performance, and Dr. Lagos helps promising athletes to achieve their goals.



Residents of Manhattan seeking counseling can find help in the office of Dr. Leah Lagos. Dr. Lagos is board certified in biofeedback and can help you succeed in sports, in business and in life. Many of us need help with stress management and have considered seeking anxiety treatment through counseling, and biofeedback can help in this regard. Dr. Lagos combines biofeedback with traditional psychological treatments in order to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and achieve optimal performance. Schedule your initial assessment to learn more about Dr. Lagos’ innovative and effective therapy practice today.


New Jersey, and Other Surrounding areas, as well as Nationwide.

If you are unsure if we service your area, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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