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The one thing in life that we can expect with certainty is stress.”
dr. leah lagos

Apply to Waitlist

  • Please know in advance that Dr. Lagos’ team only provides contracts/spots for new individuals who are interested in a minimum of 10 sessions with our practice. She offers a free 15-minute introductory call with the clinician prior to launching their work together.

    We will be reviewing applications for a new spot each quarter as our roster is currently full.

    Dr. Lagos will review applications annually to add a new spot for her roster. Dr. Lagos works on an annual retainer. If she feels you may be the right candidate for her annual spot, she will reach out to you personally and discuss her fees to work together for a year minimum at that time.

Directions To the Office

Dr. Lagos’ office is located on Park Avenue between 59th and 60th Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
There is a parking garage located on 58th between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue for clients who are driving.
The closest subway train stop is on 59th and Lexington Avenue or 60th and Fifth Avenue.

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